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Adventure tourism is a form of travel in which you experience nature and different cultures through activities, interact with local people, and enjoy yourself as you learn more about the nature and culture of the area.

The Attractions of the Oki Islands

島津島シーカヤック 西ノ島ハイキング サイクリング

The Oki Islands, a part of the Daisen-Oki National Park and recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark are full of spectacular scenery unique to the remote islands, telling the stories of the origins of this land, its unique ecosystems, and the local lifestyles and traditions that can be experienced through the cultural, and historical attractions waiting for you here to be discovered. Why not dive into the stories that each activity has to offer?




Okinoshima Town/Nishinoshima Town/Ama Town/Chibu Village

Cycling spreads excitement at the diversity and beauty of the islands. Your heart beats faster with each pedal stroke.
※The map below is in Japanese

Marine Sports

Okinoshima Town/Chibu Village

The sea is very beautiful thanks to the climate and the Tsushima Current. There are many seaweed beds and an environment where fish can grow, so there are many sea creatures in Oki. Oki is home to many sea creatures.



Nishinoshima Town/Ama Town/Okinoshima Town

Take your time to enjoy the spectacular scenery and magnificent nature woven by the four seasons. Let's walk while observing Oki's unique flora and fauna.
※Japanese only

Customer Reviews


Cycling on an e-bike was comfortable and easy.
We saw wonderful nature and world-class scenery.

Marine Sports

- I was excited to see the beautiful clear waters and interesting geological formations of Chiburijima Island. Kayaking gives you this unusual perspective on the surrounding view!
- We circled the island and were struck by the beautiful sea and cliffs. We were able to enjoy the distinctive atmoshperes of each region as we toured around the shrines and other sites.


The hike from Matengai Cliff provided a rare experience of walking among grazing cows and horses in a dynamic natural setting. It was a liberating experience.